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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

An outdoor photographer is a professional. Our studios are usually based at home, and spending time on a computer is necessary. We need to book appointments, email our customers, collect payments, scout our locations well and know which is the best day for each type of photoshoot. For example, in Yorktown, where I am based, the beach area is usually busy on Saturday mornings in the summer and Fall, so if I want to shoot at the beach, Sunday mornings are the best. Also we need to edit the photos afterwards to ensure the highest quality of portraits that we can possibly pass onto the customers. Photoshop is not learned in a day, wish it was... haha. There are many nuances to master before you can even say you are a super duper photo editor.

When shopping for your photographer, please remember that we can't contribute to our family's income for peanuts but that being said, shop around and look at photographer's websites. Are there pictures to your liking, can they edit, you will see for yourself to help you make the decision. For me, I am just getting started with my LLC and I am sooo excited to be doing all my own marketing and designing everything from the ground up. I may not be a that busy overnight but my company is growing!!!

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